Photo Shoot for Felix | Felix Antique Boutique – Dromana

Felix boutique image

  I was very happy to work recently with Max Johnson from Felix, an antique boutique in Dromana to get some product shots for their new website due to be launched soon. If you haven’t popped in there already, I recommend you do as it’s loaded with fantastic recycled and antique finds as well as handmade jewellery and art works. It’s a classy little shop with a cosy cafe recently…

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Maternity Photography Mt Martha | Marisa + Rod

What a magical time in a young couple’s lives together! And what an appropriately beautiful and magical setting for our little photo shoot, with the sun gently filtering through the coastal trees. Love truly blossoming with quiet anticipation.

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Family Photography – Frankston and Chelsea

In this moment now, capture it, remember it, ’cause I don’t know how it gets better than this. – Taylor Swift For Mary and Ned, who I have known for about 5 years now when I first photographed their wedding. Thankyou for waiting with me for the Melbourne weather to work with us. It was so good to get outside and enjoy the warm evening and spend time with you and…

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Mornington Peninsula Newborn Photography | Baby Max

To see things as if for the first time is to live in a permanent state of wonder.

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Do you sell Albums? | Mornington Peninsula Photographer

Sure do!! I believe pretty strongly in archiving your family history. And unfortunately these days, too much of that is left on a hard drive and may or may not be seen again.

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Get Yourself in Photographs, for Your Children

You know I am the photographer of the family, funnily enough, but like a lot of other mums, we are the ones taking the pictures most of the time. And if you are anything like me, you will have hundreds and thousands of pictures of the kids, and I’ll bet that like me you are only in a handful. For years when someone has tried to wrestle the camera out…

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Lorne Family Photography {Holiday Photographs}

We’re coming to Lorne!! It’s one of my family’s favourite holiday spots with beautiful beaches, stunning coastline and pristine forests. Not to mention great cafes, boutiques and restaurants! And what better time to get your family professionally photographed than when everyone is together, relaxed and happy! Over the coming September School holidays, I will be available for bookings in Lorne. It’ll be on a first come. first served basis, so…

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Portsea Hotel Wedding { Anna & Darren }

I’ve been waiting to share this wedding…. Relaxed iconic Australian setting,  great weather and awesome people getting together to celebrate love. Anna was a vision of grace and beauty, and this couple and their friends and family were so great to be with on their wedding day, that I would happily do it over again …. the UK would be fine!! With most of Darren’s family overseas, that is exactly…

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My love of photography grew from wanting to capture as much of my travels and children's childhood as possible, and it is something that I have been loving for most of my life.

Michelle Pragt

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