Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Wedding | Kirsty + Brendan

Blairgowrie beach wedding by Michelle Pragt of InPhotography

I practically grew up on the beach. Our house was less than a two minute walk to the water’s edge and we would wander down to the beach like it was our backyard.

So when Kirsty and Brendan told me about their family’s boat shed at beautiful Blairgowrie, and their wish to have photographs taken at the place that they feel so connected to, I knew just what they meant.

Endless days spent swimming and relaxing with the gentle lap of the water as a backdrop. The warmth of the sun and salt water drying on your skin and sand between your toes.

All of this played out over the years with the family gathered together to enjoy their favourite summer spot.

What a perfect location for them on their wedding day.

However, the weather just wasn’t going to fully co-operate with us on the day, and with a lot of rain forecast, there was no option but to have the ceremony under cover.

Fortunately we were blessed with a little window beforehand when the rain stopped long enough for us to head down to the beach and get some beautiful pics on Kirsty and Brendan’s beach.

I can’t begin to tell you how stunningly beautiful Kirsty looked. And surrounded by all of her and Brendan’s gorgeous friends and family, she positively glowed.

The ceremony following and the reception were all held at the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron, a beautiful waterfront location on the Mornington Peninsula. We were under cover because of the rain, but it didn’t matter. The day was simply beautiful.

A short break in the rain allowed us to get some photos before the ceremony, at their beloved beach house, but it was game over after that.

Luckily the Blairgowrie YS has a huge undercover area for the ceremony that still overlooks the beautiful beach.

It was an amazing day with amazing people. And as always, i’m very grateful for Kristy and Brendan to have shared so warmly with me.

Congratulations x

Bridal preparations captured by Michelle Pragt of In Photography

Mornington Peninsula beach wedding photography by Michelle Pragt of InPhotography

Mornington Peninsula beach wedding by Michelle Pragt In Photography

Bride and groom on Mornington Peninsula beach by Michelle Pragt of InPhotography

Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron wedding ceremony

wedding reception at Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron


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