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Mornington Peninsula Family Photographer | Summer + River

Proud Aunty alert! Meet my little niece Summer and her big brother River. Two of the cutest little kids you ever did see! I’m not sure if I am a baby whisperer, or just plain boring!

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Mornington Peninsula Family Photography | Photographing kids

In my work, I am lucky enough to be able to connect to some very talented people. One lady in particular just continues to blow me away with her creativity and beautiful images of childhood. I attended one of her photography workshops a few years ago to learn as much as I could from someone whose work I admired and respected, and came away challenged and with, not only a…

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Wye River

I am not a surf photographer, so these are far from perfect. Taking a good surf shot is not easy … fast movement, shooting into the light, and wetsuits would have to be black! On holidays last week with the family and time to play! My boys and friends had an absolute blast down in the surf at Wye River, and I went along to capture some of the fun…

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Mornington Peninsula Family Photographer | My Why?

This photograph of my daughters is one of my favourites. It makes my heart happy to see their smiling faces together and their warm embrace. When I look at it I remember where we were when it was taken … on holidays at our favourite summer destination and at the time we were exploring the beach and inlet together. And it helps connect me to the things that are the…

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5 Ways to Feel More Confident in Front of the Camera

I hear people say all the time how much they hate being photographed. And I get it. As a kid, I didn’t care. Somewhere along the way that changed. The camera-face starts to come out and I became self-conscious about being photographed, as Mum or other well-meaning friends made you stand there like a goofball waiting for them to get organised to take the shot. It didn’t come naturally, I…

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Everyday moments

There are so many moments that I have captured as our kids are growing up, but for every one, there is no doubt at least another that I don’t have but wish that I did. Whether it was because I thought that I would never forget, or not wanting to spoil the moment by going and getting out my camera, there are many things that I would love to see again:…

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Do you sell Albums? | Mornington Peninsula Photographer

Sure do!! I believe pretty strongly in archiving your family history. And unfortunately these days, too much of that is left on a hard drive and may or may not be seen again.

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Get Yourself in Photographs, for Your Children

You know I am the photographer of the family, funnily enough, but like a lot of other mums, we are the ones taking the pictures most of the time. And if you are anything like me, you will have hundreds and thousands of pictures of the kids, and I’ll bet that like me you are only in a handful. For years when someone has tried to wrestle the camera out…

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From Boys to Men

It was always so easy to be with the kids when they were little. The days seemed somehow slower and there were endless hours spent together doing simple things. Lovely simple things. Sometimes these simple things turned into big adventures, and it was wonderful to see and experience life through the eyes of my kids. But our boys have grown into men. And while life is still full of adventures,…

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Welcome to my little corner on the web!

My gorgeous sister in-law Kristin has been working tirelessly to help me get this new blog up and finally, I am so excited to have a new place to share some client love and to document my own family story. And so a great place to begin then would be at Kristin and my brother Jason’s Wedding a few weeks back. Kristin is from the States and it was so…

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My love of photography grew from wanting to capture as much of my travels and children's childhood as possible, and it is something that I have been loving for most of my life.

Michelle Pragt

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