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Vendor Spotlight | Emma Tomlinson Wedding Celebrant

Mornington Peninsula wedding photography

Your wedding ceremony is the possibly the most important part of your wedding day. And continuing on with my monthly posts shining the spotlight on some of the incredibly genuine and talented people I work together with on a wedding day, I wanted this week, to write about the importance of the role of a celebrant in making your wedding a special and personal day.

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Vendor Spotlight | Rachael Mary Films

Mornington Peninsula headshots by Michelle Pragt of In Photography

This is the first of a series of posts that I wanted to do to shine the spotlight on some of the incredible people that I have the pleasure of working alongside at weddings. A wedding is a team effort, and it takes the talent of many people to bring together a magical day for the couple. Some of these people are visible on the day, and some are never…

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Why You Don’t Need a Shot List, and What to do Instead

Mornington peninsula wedding photography

Picture this : It’s your big day, and you’ve just stepped out of the bedroom where you were getting ready. Your Dad looks up as you do and sees you for the first time, his little girl, looking so beautiful it brings a tear to his eye. You rush over to give him a hug and as you do, you glance over to make sure that your photographer has got…

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Why you should consider an Unplugged Wedding | Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photography

Port Phillip Estate wedding venue on Mornington Peninsula

When I’m speaking with the bride and groom about their wedding day, and the most important parts of the day for them, it’s almost always including this part of the ceremony. Moments like this are unrepeatable. Reactions like this are priceless. This photo taken 3 years ago, is even more meaningful now, as the father of the bride pictured here, last year had a shocking accident that has sadly left…

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3 Reasons Brides Need ‘Getting Ready’ Photos | Melbourne Wedding Photography

bride adjusts beaded hair piece

My clients will often want to have a little chat about when the wedding day photography should start, and while that’s something that you should decide together, I always recommend that it starts early enough to allow me to capture some getting ready photos. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day for a few really good reasons. Read on to find out my top three reasons for having…

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Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photography | Featured on Style Me Pretty

Mornington Peninsula wedding photography

Today I had the honor of being featured in one of Australia’s most inspirational wedding blogs, Style Me Pretty!! The shoot takes inspiration from our amazing coastline here on the Mornington Peninsula and the solitary beaches in Winter’s twilight days. Although this winter has been soo long and cold, there are still many days when the soft winter’s light is perfection.

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How to display your Photographs | Mornington Peninsula Photographer

It’s easy to become confused when you have so many gorgeous photographs to choose from. As you might imagine, I’ve got loads of photographs that I’ve collected over the years. And with limited wall space it’s sometimes hard to know what to do with them all. You want to be surrounded by beautiful memories of people and places AND you want to have them embellish and personalize your space and…

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How do I Choose a celebrant for my Wedding? | Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer

The ceremony is the whole reason for organizing your big day and so it deserves a bit of planning and forethought. Choosing the right celebrant is, in my opinion, another one of the most important decisions that you will make when planning your wedding. From the vows you choose through to the performance itself, a good celebrant will not only guide you through the process and help to make your…

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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer? | Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer

If you’ve arrived here, of course I am hoping that your search has ended!! But just in case you are stuck, let me give you a few hints. The first thing that you look for when you choose a photographer for your wedding is great photographs (such as the ones on this site!). It seems obvious right? But it’s actually going to take a little more research than that, to…

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5 Ways to Feel More Confident in Front of the Camera

I hear people say all the time how much they hate being photographed. And I get it. As a kid, I didn’t care. Somewhere along the way that changed. The camera-face starts to come out and I became self-conscious about being photographed, as Mum or other well-meaning friends made you stand there like a goofball waiting for them to get organised to take the shot. It didn’t come naturally, I…

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