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When I’m speaking with the bride and groom about their wedding day, and the most important parts of the day for them, it’s almost always including this part of the ceremony.

Moments like this are unrepeatable. Reactions like this are priceless.

This photo taken 3 years ago, is even more meaningful now, as the father of the bride pictured here, last year had a shocking accident that has sadly left him confined to a wheelchair. I can only imagine how special this photo and this memory of it is for them.

Your wedding day photographs are going to be one of the few things that will remain with you, long after the last of the confetti has been swept away and the blisters from a night of dancing have disappeared.

These will become the moments that you will relive over and over, every time you flip through your wedding album.

I take very seriously this fact as I scour every minute of your day, looking for opportunities to capture a gesture, a smile, a look that shows how that person felt in that moment.

You and your partner are without a doubt the focus of the day, but everyone that you’ve invited to be there with you is also playing a part in your day.

I think that often people forget this in their haste to capture their own memory of the moment. For the sake of a facebook post or instagram update, they forget that they are an integral part of your day, and that their faces are the background to your wedding images, an important part of the story.

Too often, capturing family and guests at a wedding and their feelings in that moment is impeded by a camera or phone device.

Instead of me being able to stand discretely at the top of the aisle as the bride walks towards her husband, I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve had to duck and weave to get a clear shot because a guest has stepped into the aisle at a critical moment, blocking my shot.

I can’t tell you the number of times that instead of having a family member in the background looking on and sharing in the moment, I have instead come face to face with another camera being pointed back in my direction forcing a quick decision for me to move.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had well meaning people stand behind me shooting over my shoulder blissful in their ignorance that I (and the people I’m trying to photograph) don’t find that distracting at all!

I would love to share some of the images that have been ruined in this way, but I don’t want to offend any of my clients or their guests.

And I certainly don’t want to tell people what they should do.

But I am a huge fan of an unplugged wedding. Of ceremonies where the bride and groom get to share this special part of their day fully with their guests. And when they look out, they see a sea of happy faces looking back at them, and not a sea of screens.

It’s a huge relief to know that I’ll be able to worry less about looking for the person most likely to do something unpredictable to get their own shot.

And it makes me happy to know that this will be a ceremony for everyone to share in fully.

People needn’t worry about not having something to share themselves later. There’ll be time later on at the reception to get some fun shots.

But the couple have hired a professional to do the job, and with your help, guys, I’ve got this!



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