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If you’ve arrived here, of course I am hoping that your search has ended!!

But just in case you are stuck, let me give you a few hints.

The first thing that you look for when you choose a photographer for your wedding is great photographs (such as the ones on this site!). It seems obvious right?

But it’s actually going to take a little more research than that, to find the right fit for you. And the right fit for you is the crucial part here because everyone is different.

This is a major decision!

Your memories depend on it!!

I’ve listed 8 tips here to help you make the right decision (Pick me! Just kidding. No, I’m really not. Pick me!) ….

  • It’s important that you LOVE the photographs, but you are going to be spending a lot of time with your photographer on one of the most important days of your life, so it’s equally as important that you LOVE the person behind the camera too.
  • Take the time to get a feel for them on their website and blog. Read their client testimonials, and make sure that their style of photography reflects a good body of work that is just what you are looking for. Do the images tell a complete story? Do they look real? Do the couples look relaxed and comfortable? Any sort of unease will translate in the images (especially the couple portrait shots). You should be able to feel the emotion in the images as you are looking at them.
  • How many weddings has the photographer shot before? Have they been doing this a while? This is important because not everyone that takes a good photo, is capable of successfully shooting a wedding. There is so much going on on the day of a wedding, and only someone with a ton of prior experience is going to know the critical moments before they even happen! There’s no repeating it, so knowing what you are doing is critical.
  • You need to feel that you can trust this person to capture all of your memories, as well as be somebody that you are comfortable with.
  • Is this person that is going to show up on the day? Is this person going to be able to blend in well with your family and friends to capture lots of natural moments as they happen, but still be assertive enough to be able to get the family shots done quickly?
  • Email communications between you should start to build trust, but it’s a good idea to meet with your photographer over a coffee, or over Skype before you book.
  • The last deciding factor is usually cost related. I cannot tell you how much you should be spending on your photography for your wedding, but I can tell you that after the wedding is over, all that will remain is your pictures and your memories. How much you are prepared to spend on this is up to you. It would be a mistake to weed out photographers based on cost alone.
  • Be clear about the inclusions in your package, but at the end of the day, trust your inner voice and realise that spending a little bit more on this part of your wedding day is something that you will not regret so long as you feel good about who you have hired and have put in the time to find the perfect photographer for you.

There’s no secret formula and there’s no one photographer for everyone. But I feel that a wedding is a special occasion between two people and those that come together to help them celebrate it, and not a photo shoot. You want to look back on your images and remember the awesome day you had.

A good fit, combined with professional experience, will result in great images that you will cherish forever.


If you have any questions or would like to speak with me some more about your wedding day, I would love to hear from you 🙂

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      Thanks so much for the feature Ivory Tribe!
      I had the best time with this gorgeous couple in our beautiful part of the world 🙂

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