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Mornington Peninsula baby photography by Michelle Pragt

Nothing beats the feeling of bringing a new baby into the world.

And bringing that baby home as new parents has an incredible sense of everything having changed, of nothing ever being the same which is at once terrifying and thrilling.

Ahh I remember it well! How lucky we were to be blessed with 4 beautiful healthy babies.

It’s a beautiful time, and I loved being there to help gorgeous couple Becky and Ben welcome little Mila home.

Becky is the owner of an online Baby Goods store, The Nest. Take at her gorgeous collection and read about her journey towards becoming a mum here.

There’s so much love for this little girl, who couldn’t have two more devoted parents.

The joy she is going to bring to the world! She really is a precious blessing. Take a look ….


Mornington Peninsula baby photography by Michelle Pragt

Mornington peninsula family photography by Michelle Pragt

Mornington Peninsula newborn photographer michelle Pragt

Mornington Peninsula newborn photography




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