Mornington Peninsula Wedding and Family Photography | The Little Things

I’m excited to share with you a short video that we’ve been making with Paper Box Media.

It’s been filmed on the stunning Mornington Peninsula coastline and is inspired by the little things in life, which to me are the most important things.

I’ve decided to embrace vulnerability a bit with this message and get myself into the frame.

It leaves me nervous, but it’s something that I am always encouraging others to do.

So here I am.

Photography is my passion and I think that it’s important for people to be able to connect with their photographer, especially on the big days of their lives, and understand their ethos, and what it is that inspires them about their craft. And why they do what they do.

I’ve really enjoyed making this, I love the movement captured in film, it’s something that I try and capture in my stills, and Paper Box Media have been able to take my vision and translate it into this beautiful little promo.

I hope you enjoy it, and that it inspires you to think about documenting the little things in your life.


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My love of photography grew from wanting to capture as much of my travels and children's childhood as possible, and it is something that I have been loving for most of my life.

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