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sisters photographed by michelle pragt

This photograph of my daughters is one of my favourites. It makes my heart happy to see their smiling faces together and their warm embrace. When I look at it I remember where we were when it was taken … on holidays at our favourite summer destination and at the time we were exploring the beach and inlet together.

And it helps connect me to the things that are the most important to me in this life.

I’ve tried to put my core beliefs in writing here.They are so entwined with my work and the reasons why I continue to pursue photography in an ever competitive market.

It’s not an easy task to write this and I’m sure that I’ve probably left something important out, but I’ve done this to communicate what I try and achieve through my work and it is so irrevocably linked to my personal values that it’s worth putting it out here. I hope that it resonates with some of you.

Michelle x



  • I believe that life is better shared with those you love.
  • I believe that family is the most important thing on the planet
  • I believe in healthy, conscious living that honors body and soul and respects the environment
  • I believe that every day is a gift
  • I believe that we all have the power to make a difference


  • I believe that everyone has a story to tell and that it can be told in an infinite number of ways
  • I believe that an image can change the way we see things

I’m Passionate about

  • Leaving a legacy of life and love for future generations
  • Shutting off computer screens more and looking into the eyes of your children instead
  • Travel and exploration
  • Exercise and sunshine
  • Cooking and having meals at home together
  • Looking after our wonderful world
  • Getting the story of your lives off the computer and into your home

Where my core values and my art meet

  • I’m driven by the fact that everyone has a story to tell
  • Celebrating love, life and leaving a legacy of love for future generations
  • I help people preserve precious moments in their lives
  • Reminds me every day of what is important
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My love of photography grew from wanting to capture as much of my travels and children's childhood as possible, and it is something that I have been loving for most of my life.

Michelle Pragt

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