What are the Best Wet-Weather Wedding Venues on the Mornington Peninsula?

bride at Morningstar Estate

You’ve had your heart set on a having your ceremony outdoors. But let’s face it, us Melbournians are used to multiple changes of the weather …. in just one day!

And if you are a bride trying to organise an outdoor ceremony for your wedding, you really do need to have a bad-weather back-up plan, (as well as an ability to keep your cool and enjoy the day no matter what!).

Ideally, it should be a back-up that you can easily put into action on the day, without it having to look like a last-minute change of plans.

Fortunately, many of our wedding venues on the Mornington Peninsula are one step ahead of you, and have great alternatives if the ceremony has to be moved indoors or under cover.

So, here are a few of my favourite wet-weather venues, all of them have stunning outdoor options of course, but it’s the “what if’s” that we’re talking about here, so I’m just looking at some of the best last-minute,  “let’s take it indoors” alternatives.

1. Morningstar Estate

With 3 beautiful outdoor settings to choose from and a chapel ready to go, a change of plan can be easily sorted out at Morningstar Estate. The large buildings provide plenty of shelter for you guests and there are loads of under-cover options to continue shooting if the rain persists. For these reasons, it is my number one choice for larger weddings. I will add though that this large venue can cater for more than one wedding at a time, so you will need to check that availability with them.

2. Lindenderry Estate

If getting married amongst the vines was your vision, Lindenderry caters really well for more intimate ceremonies that have to be moved inside, with big floor to ceiling windows allowing beautiful natural light in to the central part of the building. They do have a large well-lit area for a smaller indoor ceremony or a larger room that can be set up for larger groups (not as well-lit). Again, other parts of the building provide good photo options if the rain continues. And if it does ease up, there’s a protected courtyard, beautiful gardens and the vineyards.

3. Summerfields Country Estate

This venue has a large open room with spectacular double story windows  providing a beautiful well-lit backdrop to an indoor ceremony.

You and your guests will feel at home here, and again there are good options for photographs to be taken indoors if need. The best photographs at this venue will be outside though amongst the olive groves and lake. Suitable for smaller weddings if it has to be brought inside.

4. Eagle Ridge Golf Club

Large and well-lit, the indoor option here in the ballroom is great, and large verandahs around the property provide cover and great light for outdoor photographs in the case of rain.

5. Dalywaters

This lovely little garden chapel is open enough in good weather to have an outdoor feel to it, but protected enough to provide some shelter and comfort if need. It’s the only one of the 5 that doesn’t cater for the reception at the same venue, and if it does rain, there is nowhere really else to go, so best for smaller groups.

Indoor Wedding Ceremony Best Venues

Clockwise from top left: Lindenderry, Summerfields, Morningstar, Eagle Ridge, Dalywaters



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