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Sure do!!

I believe pretty strongly in archiving your family history. And unfortunately these days, too much of that is left on a hard drive and may or may not be seen again.

I’ve always enjoyed looking through a photo album.

The heaviness is the first thing you notice. This is really a substantial book in your hands. And one that you know is going to surprise and delight with every turn of a page.

I’ve recently partnered with Queensberry  which are by far the most beautiful hand made albums and books I have ever seen. My matted sample album arrived this week and I am completely blown away by the quality of this book. The stock is heavily textured to give it a luxurious feel and the size is a generous 10×14″ with museum quality satin finish printing.

It’s far too precious to hide away in a drawer. When these are your memories, the book that holds them should be something that you will love to display in your home and share.

This is one of the two main kinds of albums I offer, the Classic Matted Overlay Album:

Queensberry album

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