From Boys to Men

It was always so easy to be with the kids when they were little. The days seemed somehow slower and there were endless hours spent together doing simple things. Lovely simple things. Sometimes these simple things turned into big adventures, and it was wonderful to see and experience life through the eyes of my kids.

But our boys have grown into men. And while life is still full of adventures, it is more difficult to share in their ‘everyday’. Their adventures are more often their own as they are let loose into the world to experience life and all it has to offer without our being there.

Sometimes we get to share their stories around the dinner table together. Often these will be the funny and crazy stories. Precious family time.

So this portrait of Max, my number two child is very special to me.  He’s such a thoughtful and caring young man, but I still had to take it quickly because they no longer have too much patience for posing in front of my camera.

So it was simply snapped in our hallway which has good quality light. We were all together this winter weekend and he hasn’t changed for this shot. He’s wearing his typical hoodie and board shorts, and at this time of year has lost most of his wet-suit tan line. I love the way he is with Sam,  I think it emphasizes his caring nature.  And although it’s a little more formal than I normally prefer,  it has a timeless quality to it that I love.

Definitely getting this one printed and framed!

Max1.in_photography_by Michelle Pragt


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  1. Karin says:

    Great shot of both Max and Sam – both relaxed and looking like life is pretty good. Cherish this one and definately frame it – you’re correct sometimes we forget to capture these moments as much as we did when they were little.

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