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Mornington Peninsula Family Photography | Holidays on the Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula Family Photography|Michelle Pragt In Photography

Holidays really are the perfect time to be capturing your family memories. With beautiful and occasionally exotic locations and everyone feeling relaxed and happy, life is good. Think about it! Family snaps are fantastic. Nothing captures it more real. Especially a Mum intent on capturing something embarrassing to bring out on your 21st. But someone is going to have to miss out on being in that moment forever with you,…

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Pregnancy Photography { Kim and Alan }

One of the things that I love about photography is the fact that people often think to have photographs taken Read more

Child Photography { Mika – 5 years }
Child Photography { Mika – 5 years }

This is Mika. He loves lego, playing soccer in the back yard and his teddy bear ..... especially his teddy Read more

From Boys to Men
From Boys to Men

It was always so easy to be with the kids when they were little. The days seemed somehow slower and Read more

Lorne Family Photography {Holiday Photographs}
Lorne Family Photography {Holiday Photographs}

We're coming to Lorne!! It's one of my family's favourite holiday spots with beautiful beaches, stunning coastline and pristine forests. Read more


My love of photography grew from wanting to capture as much of my travels and children's childhood as possible, and it is something that I have been loving for most of my life.

Michelle Pragt

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